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Advantages Disadvantages New KIA Picanto is a popular

Advantages Disadvantages New KIA Picanto is a popular

All New Kia Picanto - All New Picanto City Car is a car with a capacity of 4 passengers incurred Korean car manufacturer Kia. All New Picanto first came out in 2011, bringing the engine capacity of 1250 cc predicted as agile car with a fairly rapid acceleration ie 11.3 seconds, the car is also claimed to have considerable power at 87 hp and fuel consumption picanto also claimed to be take history 19 km to 1 liter of fuel. we will review one by one.
KIA is one of the automotive manufacturers are quite successful in Indonesia in recent years, the mainstay of the type of city car Kia offered their two flagship products namely the All New Kia Rio and the All New Kia Picanto which reviews the Kia Rio has been discussed in the previous review, All New Kia Picanto has the advantage on the engine and exterior design but has shortcomings on the side of safety

All New Kia Picanto 1250 cc is a refinement of the kia picanto 1000 cc, overhaul done on the exterior and interior design but most major change is on the side of the engine or the engine itself picanto. Changes picanto new exterior look more stylish (modern) with the contours of the body that looks firm (generally increases corners of the car), All New Kia Picanto as a result look more stylish and ferocious than its predecessor, the car was even able to compete with cars made in Japan like Honda and Toyota in terms of exterior design of the car, so that not a few people smitten with this car because of the attractive exterior design. Several previous complaints picanto suspension was harsh but the All New Picanto product is in the claim that the front suspension has been updated so that 12% more tender than before, as well as the rear suspension that improved the level of softness resulting in 29% more soft / softer than picanto before the year 2011.
Specifications Engine & Performance

New Mazda 2 Comparison of disadvantage and advantage with Honda Jazz

New Mazda 2 Comparison of disadvantage and advantage with Honda Jazz - New Mazda 2 is the latest mazda car output in the category City Car, the car market began to demand issued in Indonesia since 2011 with rising demand from year to year. New Mazda 2 has advantages in features and safety but has a weakness on the engine performance, in terms of the price of the car is quite expensive with prices above 200 million early while the resale price is still not as stable as a car city car honda or toyota outputs that are more scattered products secondnya. We will discuss each one of these cars before we compare with a fitting rival the Honda Jazz 1.5 S as a city car with a price that is not much different from the New Mazda2.
New Mazda2 was introduced mid-year 2012, the New Mazda2 also known as Mazda2 Facelift which is an improvement of the Mazda2 Hatchback (2011), New Mazda2 has significant differences compared to its predecessor, as well as the car's exterior is more compact in terms of beauty and aerodinamic car, on the addition of New Mazda2 interior intertaiment special features (eg the provision of internet browsers that support activities in the car).

New Mazda2 has dimensions (LxWxH) 3913 x 1695 x 1479 (mm), if you see the size of New Mazda2 car will look more flat than the Honda Jazz approximately 5 cm. The exterior of this car is very compact will be different when compared to the honda jazz that seemed stylish, sporty exterior New Mazda2 impressed about the same as honda brio. Why New Mazda2 compact impressed because almost all exterior components have the same color as the body mo

All New Kia Rio Hatchback and Sedan Output in 2013

All New Kia Rio Hatchback and Sedan Output in 2013

Kia cars to Indonesia after a successful flagship hatchback Kia Rio in 2011, the 2012 Kia Rio is the latest product that is re-issued all-new Rio hatchback in August 2012 and introduced the all-new Rio sedan at the end of September 2012, which will be officially marketed in 2013. We will review the all-new Rio hatchback before the All New Rio Sedan review.
All New Kia Rio hatchback is the latest-generation Rio is marketed in the second half of 2012, this car type hatchback or better known as the type of city car. Rival All New Rio Hatchback, among others, honda jazz, honda brio, toyota yaris, toyota Agya, ayla daihatsu, mitsubishi mirage, chevrolet spark, and others that fall into the category of city car or hatchback car.

Hatchback cars are small cars (small) used to travel within the city, is designed small enough to pass through the city streets and parking (garage) which is relatively small in urban homes. Hatchback cars usually have a machine that is not too tough with engine cylinder capacity between 1000 cc to 1500 cc and has a power between 60 hp to 120 hp, this type of car has a fairly rapid acceleration due to the relatively light weight of the car but the speed of this hatchback car is rarely penetrate 150 km / hour. In the hatchback type car engine does not have enough toughness to go through a fairly lengthy track to road conditions up and down, but this car is very comfortable to drive in the city with the support of a fairly good safety features and comfort features are considered. Characteristics hatchback type car is having good features of a modern audio system, climate control, brakes, suspension, steering system control, and others. Hatchback type car usually has a passenger capacity of only 4 people only (ideal) and can be increased to 5 people but felt tight, has a small trunk behind the second row seats and the majority uses a gasoline engine as the driving force.

All New Cars Kia Rio hatchback is using air engine cylinder capacity of 1400 cc 1396cc rather wear a touch of CCVT and DOHC technology. All New Rio Hatchback engine is capable of producing power of 107 hp at 6300 rpm considerable greater than the power generated new Avanza Veloz has only 104 hp power, maximum power all-new Rio is quite large when compared to rivals such as Mitsubishi mirage - Toyota Agya - Daihatsu Ayla - Toyota Yaris - Honda Brio - and so forth (see review car) practical car is only surpassed by the power generated by honda jazz 1500 cc that can generate power of 120 hp. Torque All New Rio is also quite large: 13.8 kgm at 4200 rpm engine speed (see the comparison on the cars above

2013 Ford Fiesta Hatchback Quick and Advanced

2013 Ford Fiesta Hatchback Quick and Advanced - Ford Fiesta Hatchback car type is often called a mini MPV or hatchback car fiesta is a combination of MPV and the City Car. Ford Fiesta as the car with high quality began to enter Indonesian market since 2 years ago, some type of previous inter alia ford fiesta Ford Fiesta S, Ford Fiesta and Ford Fiesta Trend Sport that the average price of ford fiesta was launched, over 200 million dollars.

No wonder the price of 200 million or more cars fiesta has a quality and a very good engine performance, next-generation S fiesta type while wearing a 1500 cc engine type using the Trend and Sport 1600 cc engine. Ford Fiesta previous engine performance is also very good with the acceleration of 10.7 seconds and a maximum power above 120 hp makes the car very aggressive ford fiesta, Ford Fiesta Fuel consumption is also fairly economical for a fast car that is 1:11 to the city and were able to achieve 1 : 20 if driven at a constant speed on the freeway. Until now the car that could compete with a 1500 cc engine performance Fiesta is New Honda Jazz engine which has a power of 120 hp, although Honda Jazz can compete in terms of engine performance but the Jazz could not compete in terms of other features such as Exterior Interior Safety Features, The following engine performance of the Ford Fiesta:

In 2013, Ford will launch the Fiesta America for the Fiesta ST hatchback 2014 cc engine brings the improved performance in 1600 as a sports car that has a power of 197 hp, the car is equipped with the latest technology from the ford Ecobost, steering system of this size would be stable with ETVCS steering technologies which assisted steering system with computer controls on the steering wheel to relieve. Fuel consumption Fiesta ST 2014 ranges between 6-9 Km to 1 liter of fuel, unfortunately the car is not yet sure when entered Indonesia.

Back At Ford Fiesta which has been present in Indonesia, there are currently three variants Fiesta that sold in the market namely Style Trend and Sport, each of which carries the engine 1400 cc and 1600 cc, for engine power

Convenient City Car Nissan March

Convenient City Car Nissan March - Nissan March, car City Car is apparently helped to enliven the city car market car / hatchback produced by several automotive manufacturers, namely Toyota with the Yaris, with a swift and suzuki estilo, Daihatsu Sirion, kia picanto, honda jazz, and so forth. Car Hatchback 1200 cc nissan output in general has the advantage of a soft suspension and handling are lightweight, but have lacked the engine performance and fuel consumption.
Nissan March Car City is a car type, issued by a Japanese automotive manufacturer (nissan). This car wears 1200cc engine with 3 cylinders amount of fruit, until recently (December 2012) Nissan March has 4 variant which variant of the top 3 variants using the automatic transmission, while the lowest type with lowest price 146 million using manual transmission.
The exterior of the Nissan March

Nissan March has a long dimension of 3780 mm, width 1665 mm and height of 1525 mm with a ground clearance of 14.1 cm. This car has the dimension or design includes a large exterior in comparison with the Suzuki Swift class only has a length of 3695, honda brio which has a length of 3610 and 3580 toyota Agya. Hatchback from Nissan is going to feel relieved when passengers enter the cabin with the dimensions of this, has the capacity / power ideal fit 4 passengers (maximum 5 people). This car is also quite light and weighs about 945 kg, with the light weight of this car is expected to help ease the acceleration of the car, the Nissan March is quite reliable in the past uneven roads or potholes / bumps Ground Clearance urban areas because it has a fairly high at 14.1 cm is quite convenient for urban roads, while the fuel tank capacity is 41 liters Nissan March.
The legs are also very gentle Nissan March "typical headstone car average has soft suspension", the car is equipped with a suspension system of McPherson strut suspension and torsion beam which will be comfortable and stable ride at high speeds. Nissan March is also strong wheels and dashing looks equipped with 15-inch alloy wheels make the car stable on corners or high speed, alloy wheels also add to the style of the car in which to kind of city car has 15-inch alloy wheels are good.
Aerodimanis car is also quite good, with fine arches at the front and top of the car nissan believed to minimize friction with the air can be seen in the design of the windscreen and the roof of the car smooth curved back, the design of the windscreen has also been adapted to be see the broader view. In general, the exterior design of nissan march can say pretty.
Interior Nissan March

Nissan Livina X-Gear and Machine Reliable on Suspension

Nissan Livina X-Gear and Machine Reliable on Suspension - After the success of Nissan Grand Livina MPV category Nissan is now trying to enter the crossover market with its newest product Nissan Livina X-Gear. Nissan Livina X-Gear is a blend of SUV and car sedan or commonly known as semi-SUV car / semi offroad, this type of car has the advantage of a fairly powerful machine (like most semi off road cars such as Suzuki SX4). Livina X-Gear car more familiar known as the Nissan X gear (without "livina"), a car with a 1500 cc engine capacity is arguably the car that has a pretty good ability on the machine and have a pretty good comfort in the crossover class (we will discuss one at a time).


For exterior (body) Nissan X gear, this car looks more sporty than most other cars such as Suzuki SX4 crossover Mitsubishi Outlander or even that highlight the robustness, the design of the Nissan X is pretty sweet gear means to drive this car urban design can lure the eye to looked at this car, clad in black ornament on the body kit around the bottom of the body of the car makes the car look like a new car (because rare car with a bandage designs like this). Finely crafted grooves on the upper body ornaments impressive car a stylish black, while similar in general shape hatchback body, combined with an impressive MPV on the back of this stylish and sporty cars. note: Livina X-Gear's Car has a deficiency in the body is thin so that many consumers complained about the thin material.
On the exterior bottom of Nissan X gear less so memorable, such as the use of small wheels and tires that are too delicate batik making this car crossover is seen as less manly. Ground clearance is not too high also affect the ability of the car passing through rough terrain, while the lack of leg discs at the rear tires also also helped reduce exterior nissan x gear as automobile spring adventure.

Benefit Car Engine heats plus minus

Benefit Car Engine heats plus minus - Warming the car is often done by the car owner to normalize the performance of the machine before making the trip especially early morning when the air temperature is low enough or cold, some cars do need to be heated, especially for cars in the past that did not have the technology now as perfect machines , this time will discuss about warming the engine heats along with the advantages and disadvantages of the car. Heat up the car in the morning or before going to work today is still often performed at least 5 minutes.

Car heats are actually some benefits his or plus especially for the car antiquity:

1. Auto-generation of the 1990s or earlier generally have a gap between the internal components of the machine width, not just the size of the components are not sepresisi today but the technology and material '90s car engine also includes simple that it takes longer for these components expands. After expanding automobile components and has the ideal shape (corresponding temperature engine work) then when the machine can work perfectly, especially at the point of optimal performance and efficiency of a car engine.
2. Car heats also aims to provide equitable oil circulation in the engine components, it is required by the car before the car is started, especially if the car will run a lot of high rpm engine speed or lubrication is most needed by the engine. Differences ancient car engine with the engine today is today is that today's car engines have better precision and using the diluted oil making it easier for the engine to warm up distribution of the oil in the car where it would result in heating time cars are relatively short on new cars.