Sunday, June 23, 2013

Convenient City Car Nissan March

Convenient City Car Nissan March - Nissan March, car City Car is apparently helped to enliven the city car market car / hatchback produced by several automotive manufacturers, namely Toyota with the Yaris, with a swift and suzuki estilo, Daihatsu Sirion, kia picanto, honda jazz, and so forth. Car Hatchback 1200 cc nissan output in general has the advantage of a soft suspension and handling are lightweight, but have lacked the engine performance and fuel consumption.
Nissan March Car City is a car type, issued by a Japanese automotive manufacturer (nissan). This car wears 1200cc engine with 3 cylinders amount of fruit, until recently (December 2012) Nissan March has 4 variant which variant of the top 3 variants using the automatic transmission, while the lowest type with lowest price 146 million using manual transmission.
The exterior of the Nissan March

Nissan March has a long dimension of 3780 mm, width 1665 mm and height of 1525 mm with a ground clearance of 14.1 cm. This car has the dimension or design includes a large exterior in comparison with the Suzuki Swift class only has a length of 3695, honda brio which has a length of 3610 and 3580 toyota Agya. Hatchback from Nissan is going to feel relieved when passengers enter the cabin with the dimensions of this, has the capacity / power ideal fit 4 passengers (maximum 5 people). This car is also quite light and weighs about 945 kg, with the light weight of this car is expected to help ease the acceleration of the car, the Nissan March is quite reliable in the past uneven roads or potholes / bumps Ground Clearance urban areas because it has a fairly high at 14.1 cm is quite convenient for urban roads, while the fuel tank capacity is 41 liters Nissan March.
The legs are also very gentle Nissan March "typical headstone car average has soft suspension", the car is equipped with a suspension system of McPherson strut suspension and torsion beam which will be comfortable and stable ride at high speeds. Nissan March is also strong wheels and dashing looks equipped with 15-inch alloy wheels make the car stable on corners or high speed, alloy wheels also add to the style of the car in which to kind of city car has 15-inch alloy wheels are good.
Aerodimanis car is also quite good, with fine arches at the front and top of the car nissan believed to minimize friction with the air can be seen in the design of the windscreen and the roof of the car smooth curved back, the design of the windscreen has also been adapted to be see the broader view. In general, the exterior design of nissan march can say pretty.
Interior Nissan March

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