Sunday, June 23, 2013

VVTi engine iVTEC care CVTC New Car Technology

VVTi engine iVTEC care CVTC New Car Technology - Perhaps you have heard the car with VVT-i or i-VTEC or CVTC especially for new cars over the 2000s, the third term is in fact the same can be said of fuel efficiency technologies through performance engine optimization, optimization This machine is done by adjusting the valve opening time on the machine, the valve opening timing
utilizing oil pressure in the engine.
Flexibility of valve opening time this engine makes power more evenly so that the acceleration of the car is better than a car engine without VVT-i Toyota's or Honda's i-VTEC and CVTC of Nissan, at a constant speed (acceleration 0) This technology can save fuel so some insiders say the technology can save fuel (not one as well), this technology is tepatmya technology to optimize the power generated by the engine with the valve opening timing using signals from the engine oil pressure.
Maintenance tech engine VVT-i, i-VTEC and CVTC is worth noting, especially for fans of this saving tech car so as not to lose the expected engine performance with economical fuel consumption. There are at least three components that must be considered in the care of the car the new engine, among other things: lube, air filter and tire size.
Lubricants or Oil

New car engine has different characteristics than the old car engines both in terms of materials, technology, the level of precision (read new car engine character here) so that the lubricant used is also different from the old cars 90s output, on new cars what else which uses the valve opening timing is demanding an appropriate oil viscosity level (read about engine oil here) which demanded a new car that more dilute oil with the recommended engine oil code. Nissan new car more use code engine oil with SAE 10W-30 viscosity while wearing suzuki oil SAE 10W-40, the suitability of this oil is closely related to and associated with all 3 specs / oil pumps ability to obtain the optimal engine lubrication, but it system valve opening timing VVT-i and i-VITEC CVTC because this technology in the engine oil pressure gauge as standard.

Oil use is not appropriate to burden the working standard car oil pump so that the machine can not work opti

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