Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mazda Biante I-Stop Futuristic MPV

Mazda Biante I-Stop Futuristic MPV - Mazda Biante Green MPV is one of the upper middle class are present in Indonesia, as an upper-middle-class Big MPV Mazda Biante have to be proud of designs, ranging from luxury interior, luxury design squares up cabin exterior makes this car comes challenged in High Class Alphard MPV.


Mazda Biante i-stop has a futuristic exterior with narrow elongated headlamp models, the design of the bumper is fierce and makes the car look aggressive and not too big. Biante futuristic look was not only able to be seen on the front, but also from all sides of the car looks futuristic, well-balanced body design makes this car not considered saturated. Design features on the exterior are purporting to be slanted extends horizontally as on the door handles, glass, narrow LED rear lights, and the Biante logo placement on the back of this car make an appearance fituristik Biante visible from the front, side and rear of the car. as the Mazda Biante record dimensions are: length 4715 mm, width 1770 mm, height 1835 mm, has a 5.4 meter turning radius and the fuel tank capacity of 60 liters.

In the cabin of this car has a very spacious room from head to toe would be free to move, stand design Biante also special seats set up in which the higher backward (theater layout) so that passengers in the rear of the car is able to look ahead and not blocked by the passenger in the front seat. This car has a rail on the floor under the second row seats and third-row passenger comfort which will be felt by the flexibility of the seat on the rails, but instead the driver seat Biante seat adjustment function remains to be done manually. Still on the Biante cabin that pampering passengers with the driver behind the door using electric automatic sliding door system that can be activated via the remote.

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