Sunday, June 23, 2013

All New Swift GL GX 2013

All New Swift GL GX 2013 - All New Swift is the latest city car from Suzuki. All New Suzuki Swift First launched in Jalarta kalai at the end of 2012 which also adds suzuki swift variants that had circulated before the All New Swift released, Suzuki Swift released the all-new Swift before the end of 2012 has had several variants such as swift swift type ST and GT 3 read previous reviews. Suzuki
Swift is known as the City Car stubborn, even though the price is not too expensive car but do not underestimate the performance of the car, using injection and VVT technology this car is capable of delivering power 100 hp at 6000 rpm. Suzuki Swift also features a variety of modern features like All In MID, Audio Switch on the steering wheel / steering and the car frame is impact resistant Suzuki Swift excellence.

Suzuki Swift has released the latest variant of the All New Swift is likely to be found in suzuki dealers in big cities in Indonesia in early 2013. All New Swift is having differences with his brother the ST Swift and Swift GT3 though both came out in the kind of city car, we will discuss further.
All New Suzuki Swift is divided into two types namely the type of GL and GX type, differences Swift GL and GX Tilt Steering, among others, on which there is the all new swift Swift GL GX while not wearing Tilt Steering, further distinction is where the Swift GX safety has 2 aibags while the GL is not, to turn the car Swift GX using keyles entry while not equipped keyles GL entry. Differences were found in many interior functions are not very significant / important example untu AC two types use the same automatic air conditioning, the same transmission system, alloy wheels, exterior, and so forth.
All New Swift 1400 cc engine equipped with this case is different from his brother who has a larger engine (1500cc), this is done to keep competing with cars economical in terms of price where efficient cars get a tax break so that the selling price could go down and compete in national automotive market, Performance Machine All New Swift is still able to contribute to the superior power of the engine by 95 hp 1400 cc and DOHC VVT tech (not powerful enough).
Engines and Performance All New Swift

All New Swift uses the code K14B engine, this car uses VVT and DOHC Engine All New Swift put on 4 cylinders and 16 valves, this car has a cylinder capacity of 1400 cc or more precisely 1372cc. All New Swift can generate power of 95 hp at 6000 rpm and provides a torque of 130 Nm at 4000 rpm.

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