Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Mazda 2 Comparison of disadvantage and advantage with Honda Jazz

New Mazda 2 Comparison of disadvantage and advantage with Honda Jazz - New Mazda 2 is the latest mazda car output in the category City Car, the car market began to demand issued in Indonesia since 2011 with rising demand from year to year. New Mazda 2 has advantages in features and safety but has a weakness on the engine performance, in terms of the price of the car is quite expensive with prices above 200 million early while the resale price is still not as stable as a car city car honda or toyota outputs that are more scattered products secondnya. We will discuss each one of these cars before we compare with a fitting rival the Honda Jazz 1.5 S as a city car with a price that is not much different from the New Mazda2.
New Mazda2 was introduced mid-year 2012, the New Mazda2 also known as Mazda2 Facelift which is an improvement of the Mazda2 Hatchback (2011), New Mazda2 has significant differences compared to its predecessor, as well as the car's exterior is more compact in terms of beauty and aerodinamic car, on the addition of New Mazda2 interior intertaiment special features (eg the provision of internet browsers that support activities in the car).

New Mazda2 has dimensions (LxWxH) 3913 x 1695 x 1479 (mm), if you see the size of New Mazda2 car will look more flat than the Honda Jazz approximately 5 cm. The exterior of this car is very compact will be different when compared to the honda jazz that seemed stylish, sporty exterior New Mazda2 impressed about the same as honda brio. Why New Mazda2 compact impressed because almost all exterior components have the same color as the body mo

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