Sunday, June 23, 2013

How to Claim Car Insurance

How to Claim Car Insurance - How to claim car insurance is an attempt to get compensation for the vehicles, many car owners are confused when his car suffered an accident or other loss or damage, this is because the owner of the vehicle, especially a car bought on credit was not paying close attention to vehicle protection agreement between
buyer with the insurance company (usually the finance includes insurance) so that policyholders do not really understand about the rights of the owner of an insurance policy and procedure / method claims insurance policy.
In the majority of car insurance companies that exist in Indonesia usually apply particular claim period is not uncommon owners insurance policies do not understand it, the process of reporting the damage is usually only acceptable for a maximum of 3 days after the damage / accident (3x24 hours), but also there several companies that provide a grace period until 5 days after the accident (incident) reporting can still be processed, it needs to be aware that the insurance policyholder claims process will only be accepted by the insurance company if reported no later than 3 days after the incident.
How to report the incident to the insurance company the most good (according to the author) is the time after the accident (incident). For example, automobile and motorcycle riders avoid crashing into a tree, then the thing to do is ask for identification cards of the bikers (as a witness) then immediately contact the car insurance company to quickly checked / lowered surveyor to examine the car on the scene, if possible the car should not be withdrawn first from the tree (let the insurance company know, check and record any damage suffered as bumper-mirror-tires-etc) it is important because the insurance company knows firsthand the condition of the car during the incident.

As soon as possible contact the car insurance if possible, insurers will call a tow truck to marginalize your car, do not do anything on your car as it is borne by the insurance company. May actually be a car that was crashed into a tree had been towed itself (you call a tow truck) but sometimes the insurer refused to pay the tow truck towing a car especially if the insurance company is not a partner, as a result you'll spend alone to tow the car. Reporting process can still be received within 3x24 hours, meaning if you do not have time to report the incident while you still can report a maximum of 3 days after the incident, I report to the car insurance company can be done with a phone call to the office of the insurance company in your town (call center) or by contacting sales (employees) who first offered auto insurance you or through your car insurance company websites (now supports online reporting).

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