Sunday, June 23, 2013

2013 Ford Fiesta Hatchback Quick and Advanced

2013 Ford Fiesta Hatchback Quick and Advanced - Ford Fiesta Hatchback car type is often called a mini MPV or hatchback car fiesta is a combination of MPV and the City Car. Ford Fiesta as the car with high quality began to enter Indonesian market since 2 years ago, some type of previous inter alia ford fiesta Ford Fiesta S, Ford Fiesta and Ford Fiesta Trend Sport that the average price of ford fiesta was launched, over 200 million dollars.

No wonder the price of 200 million or more cars fiesta has a quality and a very good engine performance, next-generation S fiesta type while wearing a 1500 cc engine type using the Trend and Sport 1600 cc engine. Ford Fiesta previous engine performance is also very good with the acceleration of 10.7 seconds and a maximum power above 120 hp makes the car very aggressive ford fiesta, Ford Fiesta Fuel consumption is also fairly economical for a fast car that is 1:11 to the city and were able to achieve 1 : 20 if driven at a constant speed on the freeway. Until now the car that could compete with a 1500 cc engine performance Fiesta is New Honda Jazz engine which has a power of 120 hp, although Honda Jazz can compete in terms of engine performance but the Jazz could not compete in terms of other features such as Exterior Interior Safety Features, The following engine performance of the Ford Fiesta:

In 2013, Ford will launch the Fiesta America for the Fiesta ST hatchback 2014 cc engine brings the improved performance in 1600 as a sports car that has a power of 197 hp, the car is equipped with the latest technology from the ford Ecobost, steering system of this size would be stable with ETVCS steering technologies which assisted steering system with computer controls on the steering wheel to relieve. Fuel consumption Fiesta ST 2014 ranges between 6-9 Km to 1 liter of fuel, unfortunately the car is not yet sure when entered Indonesia.

Back At Ford Fiesta which has been present in Indonesia, there are currently three variants Fiesta that sold in the market namely Style Trend and Sport, each of which carries the engine 1400 cc and 1600 cc, for engine power

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