Sunday, June 23, 2013

Toyota Rush G Luxury Without ABS

Toyota Rush G Luxury Without ABS - It is surprising indeed one variant of Toyota Rush comes without the use of antilock brakes, the variant in question is a Toyota Rush Rush Rush G Luxury or Lux G issued in 2011. One reason for that is quite reasonable from Down Grade Toyota Rush by eliminating ABS is to maintain the existence of rush by way of lower prices, the decline in prices this time toyota rush for 3 million dollars from the version before this downgrade.

Although Rush G variant had downgraded lux on the side of safety / safety but on the side of this car more competitive and more luxurious than the previous version of G Rush, among others, changes in the front of the chrome trim on the fog lamp and sensor buried in the corner next to the fog that gives the impression Toyota Rush G Luxury at Lux.
Rush G Luxury interior is also different from the Rush G variant without the "frills Lux" with the addition of steering switch and chrome trim on the AC side, without significant changes in the engine and the car still has the features of light handling on the wheel as it comes Electric Power Steering or EPS in this case even though the car body weight bongsor but not in control thanks to immersion in the steering system EBS.

For the price of the Toyota Rush G Luxury M / T is more expensive than 6 million MT while Rush Rush G G Lux A / T 10 million more expensive than the Rush G AT (G Lux AT equipped with dual airbags). Two kinds of transmissions Rush G Lux is still cheaper than the type of Rush S where prices adrift about 3 million dollars. At toyota dealer Auto2000 also available variant G Lux Dress is more expensive 2.7 million with an additional console box, foot step and chrome trim.
Conclusion of Rush without ABS is the reduction minus ABS brakes feature of the S version of the Toyota Rush hadirlah Toyota Rush G Luxury versions are less expensive but for those of you who really pay attention to safety will be hard with the loss of quality safety, all up to you to consider awareness or price.

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