Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Honda Jazz RS Stylish Sporty

New Honda Jazz RS Stylish Sporty - Stylish and Sporty impression is displayed on the New Honda Jazz RS which is a refinement of Honda Jazz in 2011 where Jazz RS itself is a facelift version of the Honda Jazz. This car is more sporty than previous variants of jazz since undergone various changes such as new bumper designs with changes to grille vertitikal on both sides of the bumper. In the light of new Jazz also changes with sharp and flat design combined with a hexagonal grille with glossy finish that is made as if floating above the bumper.

Jazz on the interior orange shades envelop lever, instrument panel and a new head unit. MID screen that the previous version is now blue line with other illumination, on the seat also changes the texture that distinguishes it from its predecessor and features an ultra jazz seat retained as the hallmarks of jazz car competitors.

Connectivity to honda step to support the needs of modern youth, the audio system in Jazz RS has compatible with ipod, iphone, Blackberry, USD and MP3 audio player which supports a variety of connectivity features it feels dynamic and able to provide a different atmosphere in dispel the boredom in the car. The cabin is roomy with wide visibility is a hallmark of jazz cars will be retained on the new jazz series this hospital, as well as the driving position can set the system reach and rake steering combined with the seat height adjustment makes it very flexible to drive a car.
On this type of New Jazz RS suspension system retains the rigid suspension for the driver to maintain a fixed positive feel as the version before the New Jazz RS, Honda Jazz Neh another advantage retained is the agility of the car where the steering wheel a good accuracy and power are great 120 Hp is characteristic of fast cars, honda ability to incorporate the concept of fast cars, tough, agile, powerful, practical and flexible this makes honda jazz remain in demand today.

Honda Jazz RS engine is still the largest class that is capable of providing power to 120 hp at 6600 rpm engine speed and provides 145 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm, acceleration of this car also includes the best in class to date in which to have a 5-speed automatic transmission acceleration 0-100 km / h reached in 11.1 seconds, while the acceleration response is also very fast since the mid-Torque Boost Resonator application that provides instant air supply requirements when the throttle is played.
Power to weight ratio is also fairly ideal New Jazz with figure 9.1 Kg / hp which gives the effect on the car's fuel consumption / fuel, fuel consumption records MID Honda Jazz RS reaches 18.5 km / liter for the

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