Sunday, June 23, 2013

Car Will Quit In 2013 this

Car Will Quit In 2013 this - Several automakers already Woro-Woro Indonesia will be a new push in 2013 by releasing the latest variant of the types of cars that have been there, some cars will also introduce products that are completely new. Competitive car market in 2013, has already been seen since November 2012 at a car show events such as the IIMs and test drive the car manufacturer psywar competitors, just call or Ayla Agya that until now, even in some cities still pivot 2 months ago but since this car can be ordered, but it is also present Toyota NAV1 almost the same with the rival
All New Mazda Biante and Serena were both out in the midle type MPV that in 2013 most likely the car will be increasingly fierce competition on all levels and types of vehicles.
Below is the information we get about the cars that will be issued in 2013 include:
In 2013 Toyota will concentrate on LGCG car segment car, MPV and City Car midle Facelift. Toyota reportedly will issue a facelift Vios and Yaris variants namely: All New Vios Facelift and New Yaris Facelift, on LGCG toyota car segment will continue to penetrate the market in the Toyota Agya, whereas for MPV car automaker is expected to capture market NAV1. Product that is really new is the City Car Toyota Etios Liva.

This 2013 Suzuki is quite silent in issuing new products that many people do not know suzuki plan, but according to our sources suzuki will do minor and major changes in several variants that have come out as Ertiga, 2013 suzuki will also turn on some kind of SUV his back like the Grand Vitara and Jimny, shocking is not it? hehehe.

In 2013 Suzuki Suzuki Ertiga will issue Matic / Matik, which is known variant of Ertiga during the year 2012 does not use automatic transmission and coolant temperatures are still using single cabin blower, Ertiga will be enhanced in 2013 with Double Blower Matik Ertiga products.
In 2013 is also a joy for fans of Suzuki SUV reportedly due this year Suzuki will revive the legend SUV Jimny and Vitara, the Jimny car enthusiasts please hunt Facelift New Jimny which reportedly now in Jakarta, do not forget to fan Escudo or Suzuki Vitara will mengidupkannya with new variants namely New

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