Sunday, June 23, 2013

Overcoming Brakes Car To Not Menderit

Overcoming Brakes Car To Not Menderit - A lot of car owners are reluctant to perform maintenance on the brake the car even though the car owner know that the brakes are in excellent condition, this is due to the habit than submit to the shop owner on the actual brake problem easily solved somehow brought the car to the workshop must have cost even though only one component of a car service or car brakes.
Menderit creaks or noise problems on the brakes is a common problem experienced by car, it creaks feels very uncomfortable for the owner of the other car did not brake function sepakem / brake optimally maintained. Menderit brake noise is usually caused by the presence of many impurities such as dust, residue oil / grease that is on the disc and drum.
To overcome or eliminate the squeak of the brakes is not hard because we only need to clean the disc and drum car, the equipment required is also fairly simple, among others, the key to unlock the wheels, cloth (lint-free cloth), the compressor if there if there is no use a soft brush , brake cleaning fluid or brake cleaner which can be purchased at the garage / car spare parts shop.
There are two components that we have to clean up to tackle the problem on the brakes, among others, is a disc and drum. We will discuss one by one:
Cleaning Discs
The steps to clean the disc:
1. Open wheel or wheels with wheel locks car, make sure the wheels have come off and the car looks discs

2. Semrotkan brake cleaning fluid or brake cleaner car that you have bought into the visible disc evenly, Spraying distance between the disc and the brake cleaner around ten to 15 centimeters. spray evenly so that disc-disc wet

cleaning fluid sample is not intended to promotion
3. Wipe with a clean cloth that has been prepared, as well as clean up the remnants of dirt on the brake disc

4. Once in a clean cloth, spraying once again as the second step, after wiping with a clean cloth to do the third step back as above. (Repeated) in order to thoroughly clean discs.
If you can take off the brake the car better (cleaner), but if it can not do as steps above problems.
Cleaning the Drum Brake
How to clean drum similar to the discs, which differ only way

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