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Advantages Disadvantages New KIA Picanto is a popular

Advantages Disadvantages New KIA Picanto is a popular

All New Kia Picanto - All New Picanto City Car is a car with a capacity of 4 passengers incurred Korean car manufacturer Kia. All New Picanto first came out in 2011, bringing the engine capacity of 1250 cc predicted as agile car with a fairly rapid acceleration ie 11.3 seconds, the car is also claimed to have considerable power at 87 hp and fuel consumption picanto also claimed to be take history 19 km to 1 liter of fuel. we will review one by one.
KIA is one of the automotive manufacturers are quite successful in Indonesia in recent years, the mainstay of the type of city car Kia offered their two flagship products namely the All New Kia Rio and the All New Kia Picanto which reviews the Kia Rio has been discussed in the previous review, All New Kia Picanto has the advantage on the engine and exterior design but has shortcomings on the side of safety

All New Kia Picanto 1250 cc is a refinement of the kia picanto 1000 cc, overhaul done on the exterior and interior design but most major change is on the side of the engine or the engine itself picanto. Changes picanto new exterior look more stylish (modern) with the contours of the body that looks firm (generally increases corners of the car), All New Kia Picanto as a result look more stylish and ferocious than its predecessor, the car was even able to compete with cars made in Japan like Honda and Toyota in terms of exterior design of the car, so that not a few people smitten with this car because of the attractive exterior design. Several previous complaints picanto suspension was harsh but the All New Picanto product is in the claim that the front suspension has been updated so that 12% more tender than before, as well as the rear suspension that improved the level of softness resulting in 29% more soft / softer than picanto before the year 2011.
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