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All New Kia Rio Hatchback and Sedan Output in 2013

All New Kia Rio Hatchback and Sedan Output in 2013

Kia cars to Indonesia after a successful flagship hatchback Kia Rio in 2011, the 2012 Kia Rio is the latest product that is re-issued all-new Rio hatchback in August 2012 and introduced the all-new Rio sedan at the end of September 2012, which will be officially marketed in 2013. We will review the all-new Rio hatchback before the All New Rio Sedan review.
All New Kia Rio hatchback is the latest-generation Rio is marketed in the second half of 2012, this car type hatchback or better known as the type of city car. Rival All New Rio Hatchback, among others, honda jazz, honda brio, toyota yaris, toyota Agya, ayla daihatsu, mitsubishi mirage, chevrolet spark, and others that fall into the category of city car or hatchback car.

Hatchback cars are small cars (small) used to travel within the city, is designed small enough to pass through the city streets and parking (garage) which is relatively small in urban homes. Hatchback cars usually have a machine that is not too tough with engine cylinder capacity between 1000 cc to 1500 cc and has a power between 60 hp to 120 hp, this type of car has a fairly rapid acceleration due to the relatively light weight of the car but the speed of this hatchback car is rarely penetrate 150 km / hour. In the hatchback type car engine does not have enough toughness to go through a fairly lengthy track to road conditions up and down, but this car is very comfortable to drive in the city with the support of a fairly good safety features and comfort features are considered. Characteristics hatchback type car is having good features of a modern audio system, climate control, brakes, suspension, steering system control, and others. Hatchback type car usually has a passenger capacity of only 4 people only (ideal) and can be increased to 5 people but felt tight, has a small trunk behind the second row seats and the majority uses a gasoline engine as the driving force.

All New Cars Kia Rio hatchback is using air engine cylinder capacity of 1400 cc 1396cc rather wear a touch of CCVT and DOHC technology. All New Rio Hatchback engine is capable of producing power of 107 hp at 6300 rpm considerable greater than the power generated new Avanza Veloz has only 104 hp power, maximum power all-new Rio is quite large when compared to rivals such as Mitsubishi mirage - Toyota Agya - Daihatsu Ayla - Toyota Yaris - Honda Brio - and so forth (see review car) practical car is only surpassed by the power generated by honda jazz 1500 cc that can generate power of 120 hp. Torque All New Rio is also quite large: 13.8 kgm at 4200 rpm engine speed (see the comparison on the cars above

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